About Us

Sustain Learn was co-created by Jacob and Stephanie who both, in their respective field, felt a need to provide science-backed information about the social and environmental impact of fashion. The Sustain Learn platform is a product of the merging of their talents – a collaboration between a sustainability warrior and an eLearning expert: Provide facts, case studies and hands on guidance to navigate how fashion brands and individual creatives can make great choices without compromising the planet.

Stephanie Strauss

Stephanie trained as a pattern designer at TEKO, a BA(Hons) in fashion promotion at UCA London, and graduated with an MBA degree in Paris for international experience. She started her career at Paris Fashion Week where she accompanied emerging designers. Then worked on the launch of the brand WHOLE (Wastefree, Hand dyed, Organic, Local and Eco friendly). In 2017 she launched Mandhari Agency working with the sustainable transformation of fashion brands. She has accompanied companies like SMCP Group, Unixe Cosmetics, Saga Furs, Rouje and Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard in their sustainability strategies. 

Stephanie has taken part in various conferences and talks about sustainable fashion issues, she is the co-author of the podcast The Fashion Doctors and she directs the think tank “Social and Environmental Impact” in the research network Culture(s) de Mode.

Jacob Hokland

Jacob has a background from Aarhus School of Business and Denmark’s School of Journalism. Subsequently, he has worked for several years developing e-learning courses, where the topics have included legislation, guidelines and patient safety.

Jacob is responsible for adapting topics within sustainability to be included in our elearning courses. For example interactivity, graphics and video. As well as validating the courses so that they accommodate the different learning styles.



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