Why Sustain Learn?

Four reasons why you should get started with our e-learning

If you’re not satisfied with your current lifestyle and if you’re ready to move into a sustainable fashion career field, often the first step will be gaining education that qualifies you for that new path. At Sustain Learn you can choose a package deal of modules or you can pinpoint the topics that are relevant for you and your career.

Continuing education is a valuable element to your résumé. In almost all brands and in almost every position, you will need to understand the sustainability strategy and how to implement the necessary actions in your field. Sustain Learn provides you with a certificate when you complete a course. Consider if you’re one of several candidates up for a job. If you have proof of your new skills, you will stand out not only because of your additional qualifications, but also because employers will recognize that you have new insights on the most current trends and skills in the fashion industry, as well as having additional technology experience because of your time spent learning something new.

Fashion is in a transitioning phase and is in great need of people who can lead this change. Fashion and textile are great industries but they can’t go on overproducing, polluting and over consuming. We need new business models, new technologies, new materials, and new retail options. You can be part of the change by learning better ways, expanding your knowledge, and understanding the necessary actions towards transformation. You can learn it all with Sustain Learn.

Even if you’re completely satisfied with your job and lifestyle, that doesn’t mean continuing your education isn’t for you. Experts agree that learning should be a lifelong process, and devoting time to continuing education can be a journey of personal development. At Sustain Learn you don’t have to be a fashion professional. We also have courses for you as a fashion consumer who just wants to know more about the textiles you use and the industry that we all take part in. 

Why should you join Sustain Learn? Because we believe that we should all be life-long learners. Maybe you are a newcomer to sustainability, maybe you are an expert; either way we want our platform to be a place for knowledge, the development of new skills and a place for sharing and exchange. Sustain Learn gathers the latest science-based information, mix it with innovative case-studies from the industry, and give you hands-on actions you can implement in your sustainability strategy, no matter the level you’re at. Sustain Learn is a platform with modules created by experts about social and environmental impact and issues in the fashion and textiles industry. 

We update the course on a permanent basis, because new technologies arrive, innovative materials are developed, and better solutions appear. There will be videos, audio files, assignments, tangible material you can download and much more. We also aim at collaborating with industry leaders so that they can show you their path and expertise. 

We do not want to just be informative and give you cold facts. You can find them online yourself, but instead help you develop your skills, gain new knowledge you can implement directly in your working life and create a network, a place for exchange and growth for all of us. Sustain Learn aims to make you more confident in your approach to the realities of the fashion industry, to give you the right tools to move forward in your career and the knowledge to be a person of change and a leader in transforming the industry.

Sustain Learn is also about networking. We are currently based both in Denmark and France and we aim at opening offices in other locations, because one country don’t have all the answers to fashion’s footprint and a worldwide industry needs global collaboration and solutions. 

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