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We pride ourselves on providing you with the best topics within innovative sustainable solutions. We only present information and numbers collected from verified sources and scientifically backed reports.


Sustain Learn provides proof that you have strengthened your skills in sustainability. This will help you with documentation and quality assurance of the company's progress in several sustainable aspects​

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With Sustain Learn you have the option to learn - when and where suits you best. Stay up to date with the latest environmental and social impacts in the fashion industry.

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Are you an expert in your field of sustainability and you wish to share it with others? Sustain Learn can host your educational modules and work with you to make them fun and inspirational.

Whether you are a designer, a NGO, a certification owner, a researcher, or textile manufacturer you can have something interesting to share with the rest of the textile industry actors.  Get in touch to hear more about our different level of collaboration between your entity and Sustain Learn and how we can become partners.

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